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Arbaeen Lectures 1431 (2010) - H.I. Sheikh Hamza Sodagar - English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist consists of series of lectures delieverd by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar on Arbaeen in the month of Safar 1431 2010.

MSA - PSG Convention 23-26 Dec. 2010 - English Speeches
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Created By: islam8

40th Annual MSA PSG Convention 23-26 Dec 2010 - English Speeches By H.I. Hurr Shabbiri, Sheikh Hamza Sodagar, Syed Abbas Ayleya, Imam Al-Asi, Abdul Alim Musa and others.

Collection of Ustad Naghvian speeches - Farsi
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist contains audio speeches of Ustad Naghavian in Farsi language. These are very effective speeches and address the core issues of Islam.

[MOVIE] Prophet Yusuf (a.s) Serial - [Episode 26 - Onwards] - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

More episodes will be added as they become available. Stay tuned! This playlist includes all parts of movie serial Prophet Yusuf (a.s). Movie Series now in urdu by Payam Center....

Animated movie about Imam Hasan (a.s) for Kids - English
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Created By: AliAli

Historical events about the life of Imam Hasan (a.s). The second Imam e Masoom.

Majalis - Submission and Servitude - H.I Hayder Shirazi - English Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes lectures delievered by Hujjat al Islam Hayder Shirzai on the topic of Submission and Servitude. These lectures were delivered in the month of Safar 1431. More videos will be...

Movie Series - Nabi Ibrahim Al-Khalil (a.s) - Arabic
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Created By: AliAli

All parts of the movie series about a great Prophet of Allah - Prophet Ibrahim Khail Allah in Arabic language.

Taranay - Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist consists of very beautiful Taranay / Islamic Songs about Shohada.

Crimes of the ZIONIST Regime - PL7 - English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes some of the crimes committed by the Zionist Regime. There are countless other crimes that have no video coverage.

Sahifa Sajjadiyah Duaas [26 - 50] - URDU
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes the videos for duaas of Sahifa Sajjadiyah. These duaas are taught by Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s). This playlist will be updated as each of the new duaa will be released.