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Spring of Truth - Excerpts from Speeches of Imam Khomeini (r.a) - English
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Created By: AliAli

Spring of Truth is the English translation of Imam Khomeini's speeches at different occasions.

Videos & Clips of President Ahmadinejad (h.a) - PL2 - English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes clips, speeches, interviews of President Ahmadinejad. May Allah protect him.

Helping Imam e Hujjat during his Ghaibat - AMZ - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist contains 5 lectures about Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs) and how we can help him during his Ghaibat. May Allah hasten his reappearance.

Documentary - Shaheed Al-Iraq Al-Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr - Arabic
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes all four parts of a great documentary about Shaheed Baqir Al-Sadr (r.a)

Makarem ul Akhlaaq - H.I. Abbas Ayleya - English
Views: 3951
Created By: AliAli

This playlist contains 4 outstanding lectures on Makarem ul Akhlaaq. Delivered and recorded in 2008.

Islamic Unity Conference in Iran - 2007 - SaharTV - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

Unity conference held in Iran - From Sahar TV

Universal QUDS Day - September 2010 - PL2 - All Languages
Views: 9093
Created By: AliAli

International QUDS Day was celeberated all over the world by Muslims (Shia & Sunnah) and joined by a number of non-Muslims. Protests all over the globe demanded the Illegal Zionist...

Majalis - Nemat e Imamat - Maulana Ali Murtaza Zaidi - Urdu
Views: 1401
Created By: AliAli

This playlist consists of series of lectures delivered by Maulana Ali Murtaza Zaidi on the topic Nemat e Imamat. He delivered 4 lectures on this topic in the Month of Muharram 1431.

Animated movie - Al-Fares Al-Shuja - Arabic
Views: 1990
Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes all parts of animated movie - Al-Fares Al-Shuja - Arabic. The movie is about Ghazi Abbas (a.s) Ibn e Ali (a.s) Ibn e Abi Talib (a.s).

Revert Muslims - Those who converted to Shia Islam - English
Views: 18435
Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes the interviews of people who converted to Islam from other religions.